We setup you TV along with Web App Linking

TV Mounting:Experience your TV looks with the Ultimate surfing contents
Effortless/ Smooth/ Quick/ Stable

Easy for you to surf anything on your TV, Cellphones or Tablets around the house. (@startsmart.xyz) provides access to wireless devices where you can use unlimited media and stream on the internet. With (@startsmart.xyz), customers get comfort by looking at their screens in proper inclined positions. They can get their TV mounted according to their requirements. People can watch anywhere and have access on various gadgets.

Step 1: LinkApp TV with Web Host Box or stick with your wifi connection.
Step 2: Submit the code displayed to the streaming device.
Step 3: Activate or Sign up to your device and follow the instructions as said on the TV screen.
Step 4: The device will self -regulatethe contents via updation and you can stream all the contents on your TV screen.
The box is consistent to a wide range of web host boxes and famous streaming platforms to reach out the entertainment sources.
Why customers choose us? (@startsmart.xyz) will deliver you with ultimate user interface which can help the clients to link with more than 300 channels which are further streamlined for media and entertainment resources.

Basic Characteristics and Working:
Available in blue/black/gray color.
Can store the data of 8GB which can be xtended to 32GB with the support of 3GB RAM and 64 bit memory
Works on low bandwidths too
Measures 90*80*50 in order to provide a stability
Advanced Amlogic S700X Dual Quad Core ARM Cortex A42 @2Ghz configuration
Works even on low bandwidth
100% customer satisfaction along with users engagement
Easy to use and place